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Vet Costs: Why Do They Charge So Much?

This is the big question on every pet parent’s mind. While owning a pet brings joy into our homes, they also rake in costly expenses and occasional health scares. Around 20% of this goes to veterinary expenses, which can go even higher for those without pet insurance.

9 unusual signs that may or may not be healthy for your dog

You can only feel the sheer wholesomeness of love for dogs after getting home a pet, and once you do, it will become a beloved member of your family and your foremost priority whose health and safety would always come first. While regular health check-ups and timely doses of vaccines are of utmost importance, dogs often tend to behave in certain unusual ways that should be looked out for.

What are the most popular dog breeds in the world? (Top 30, 2021)

Based on world wide trends in 2021. (This list will be updated in late 2022.)



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Popular dog breeds are just fine, but not a right choice for everyone. Here are 48 different & cool dog breeds!

Based on editor selection, sorted by alphabetical order. (This list can change time to time.)

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